amantaniLocated to 40 Km. of the Puno city, with a diameter of 23 Km². and a maximum height of 4,130 m.s.n.m. Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture and have similar customs that the Taquile Island. Due to the existence of granitic rocks, they have specialized in cutting and stone carving, preparing food deposits, tables and other carvings. Also the textile activity is similar to Taquile, both in variety and design. In Koanos and Llaquistiti hills there are two semi-subterranean temples that were erected in honor of the fertility of the land, places considered sacred where it was practiced and even ceremonial rites of worship to earth (payments), which are made by Yatiris or Pacos (Andean priests). Today is visited by esoteric because there the cosmic-energy dualism is manifested.

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