Climate and geography

Altiplano plateau surrounded by the Cordillera “Carabaya” by the North and the Western Cordillera by the South West, which in turn is subdivided into:

Circunlacustre area, with altitudes ranging from 3.810 to 3.900 m.s.n.m. is influenced by climate thermoregulatory effect of Lake Titicaca, creating a favorable environment for agricultural activity; its climate is cold and dry with temperature excursions well marked between day and night.

Intermediate or Altiplano area of ​​3.900 to 4.200 m.s.n.m. semi rugged topography with abundant natural for rearing cattle and sheep pastures.

Cordillerana area, with altitudes above 4,200, where the “vicuñas”, “tarucas” and “suris” live in the wild. Ideal for raising South American camelids (llama, alpaca).

The formidable elevation of the plateau and its unique geographical position in the world, does that in practice there are only two distinct seasons. Winter absorbing the fall and runs from May to October, with cold nights, but with sunny days and intense luminosity. The spring that joins the summer, and the rainy season extends from November to April. The average temperature is ? 9 ° C, taking 24 warm days and cool nights ° C with temperatures of 2 to 3 ° C.

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