Informative Puno

Puno is a department of undeniable tourist hegemony in Peru with a natural landscape of incomparable hues, in Puno have arisen and declined different populational establishments, beginning with the first of Qelqatani and Pizacoma, continued by the Tiawanakus, Auroches, Kollas, Ccaris, Zapanas, Kallahuayas, Lupacas among others.

The first years of the Spanish conquest, this area was considered of a lot of importance, due to mineral wealth and beautiful metals what gave origin to the emergence of cities where clearly the Spanish influence is noticed. Starting from there Puno begins a process of urbanization important with accented migratory flows until our days in that the city gives a modern image but at the same time preserve still the authenticity of being located in the highland and in the great plateau of the Collao.

Distance of Puno to:

  • Lima: 1342 Km.
  • Arequipa: 292 Km.
  • Cuzco: 390 Km.
  • Desaguadero (frontier with Bolivia): 146 Km.
  • Copacabana (Bolivia) Kasani (frontier with Bolivia): 125 Km.

Access roads: Aerial, terrestrial and steely.

Services: For Being Puno a purely tourist town has all the necessary infrastructure for the good attention of visitors.

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