Located to 70 Km of Puno, through the lake and to 155 Km via terrestrial (cambria) to the nor-this of the lake bigger than the Titicaca. Small private island where it is developed an important integral project of ecoturismo, agroecología, culture, recreation and rest. For their special characteristics it is considered a private protected area. This project advanced in its majority, looks for that the guests observe and participate, being witness and actors of the most consistent and serious proposal of ecotourism and culture in the Titicaca.

It has a variety of such services as a shelter constructed under the option of valuation of resources and local technologies. All the requirements of energy are satisfied with the installation of an integral solar module, there are favorable facilities of recreation as much in the lake as in the island.

The Euroandina food is offered, mixture of native products with others adapted and foreign, provides ease of watch and participate in agricultural activities, observation of native and domestic animals. By having a beautiful landscape is pleasant to carry out walks or simply to enjoy a serene rest.

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