Lake is located at the high plains, southeast of Peru (12,500 feet’s above sea level). The Mamaquta goddess (Mother of the lagoon) lets you experience a profound sense of inner freedom and ecstasy.

Inspired, whenever sitting by the lake watching a dawn or sunset, we open our hearts to the chants of the quena flute who journey through the magic of the spiritual sound power connecting us with the entire web of life and the divine, into openness and love.

This vibration medicine music resonates with the inner you, bringing healing and balance to your mind and body.

The tuning with nature opens a gateway into the world of sacred sound and musical mysticism.
The benefits of the healing and therapeutic music help people relax and enjoy increase vitality.

As an accompaniment to meditation, these sounds bring you peace of mind while restoring energy with the principles of the Universe.




1.- Aqua
2.- Silfos (demo)
3.- Cantos de las Ondinas (demo)
4.- Eolos (demo)
5.- Terra
6.- Madre Natura (demo)
7.- Silfides
8.- Titicaca
9.- Vida al Amanecer (demo)